Junior Members

Junior Day Round One 22 May 2022 – Registration


Our junior division was established in 2018. The objective of the junior division is to create a positive introduction to the world of dirt bikes to children under 12 years of age.

Our junior membership fees are kept as low as possible to ensure affordability.  The 2020 junior division annual subscription fee is R180.00 all inclusive. By using their membership cards  our juniors are able to enjoy the same benefits as our senior members which includes access to discounts offered by the wide range of supportive merchants that have partnered with us in and around Durban and offer a range of discounts and specials to all Outrider members.

The Outriders Juniors program is designed to offer a friendly, pressure free environment for kids to learn the basics of motorcycle riding and build their confidence. The training sessions are designed to  be fun, interactive and cater for all skill levels.

Training sessions are held at Cato Ridge Electrical, who very kindly offer us exclusive use of their amazing facilities , which boast the ideal setting for us to instill enthusiasm for the sport of motorcycle riding, grow confidence and pass on the skills learnt by our Senior members. Most importantly it is a place for our Juniors to have fun and make friends with kids who share a passion for motorcycles.

Three (3) training days are offered during the course of the year and these are generally on a Sunday morning between 8am and 12am, so as not to interfere with school sports and holiday arrangements. Each training day is strategically designed to provide a platform for the kids to learn new skills; share their own talents and have fun in a non-competitive environment.

Some of the aspects of motorcycle riding that are covered include the importance of bike maintenance, the importance of wearing safety gear, how to pick up your own bike, balance skills, negotiations of obstacles, body positioning in corners, negotiation of off cambers and other general basic riding skills, to name but a few. Each morning ends with a guided out ride to suit each child’s skill level which is extremely well controlled and policed by our volunteer senior members.

All parents and their families are encouraged to join us on the days with deck chairs, gazebos and cooler boxes.  A host of senior Outrider members volunteer their time to help train the youngsters and this ensures that parents don’t have to lift a finger and are able to sit back, relax and watch and enjoy the day confidently knowing that their children are in safe hands. After a busy morning on the bikes we encourage everyone to join us for a braai and small social gathering where war stories are swapped and the certificates earned by the Juniors at each round can be boasted.

A parents WhatsApp chat group provides a forum for parents to sell or swap kit, bikes and bike parts in addition to providing the perfect place for parents to set up ride dates for their kids and grow friendships in true Outrider fashion.