I, the undersigned, do on my own, on behalf of my dependents or minor children hereby acknowledge and agree:

  1. That Outriders Social Dirtbike Club, or all of whom are involved in Outriders Social Dirtbike Club, shall not be liable for any expenses, loss, damage or personal injury sustained by me, my dependents or minor children as a result of any past or future act or omission, whether intentional or negligent, breach of contract, or any other cause of whatever nature.
  2. To waive and abandon all rights or action, which may arise against Outriders Social Dirtbike Club as a result or personal injury, expense, loss or damage sustained by me, my dependants, my minor children, before during and after the ride/event.
  3. That, in no way derogating from the above:
    1. The use of all and any facilities or property provided, and the partaking of all and any activities reserved, arranged, advised or suggested by Outriders Social Dirtbike Club is done so at my, my dependants or minor children’s own risk.
    2. I have been warned or made aware of the dangers of wild animals, travel, motorcycle riding and other dangers which exist in the area of the ride/event.
    3. I am aware that I must have my own medical aid/medical insurance cover for myself, my dependants or minor children; and that mine, my dependants and my minor children’s personal belongings must be covered by my personal nsurance cover.
  4. That I shall indemnify Outriders Social Dirtbike Club against all and any claims or causes of action by any natural or legal person or third party arising from my, my dependants or minor children’s past or future acts or omissions.
  5. That no variation of this document and it shall be binding unless reduced in writing, agreed to and signed by me and Outriders Social Dirtbike Club.