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About us
Established in 2005, Outriders is a social dirt bike club aimed at bringing together like minded people  in the dirt bike world.  Our membership has grown over the years, and we welcome all riding levels to join.

e have a monthly meeting at our clubhouse in Pinetown where we discuss upcoming events, weekend tours and general bike stuff. We also host a few away tours for the members during the course of the year which give you the chance to ride in some awesome locations and have a few cold ones with your mates around the campfire while exchanging war stories.

We have an annual Christmas Ride Fundraiser. This has enabled us over the years, to supported numerous charitable causes ranging from local rural schools, Malvern Children’s Home, Hospice, Valley Dogs, Operation Bobbi Bear, and various worthy benefactors in need of financial assistance. We host an annual 2 Wheel Dirt Festival at Ashley Pinetown, which is a great day out for all with this interest and has proven to be beneficial for local merchants and vendors