Club Membership – 2021


Annual subs

Senior Members – R450

New Junior Members – R180 (age 12 years and younger)

Existing Junior Members – Only required to complete registration

Membership Card / Emergency Contact Stickers: R20 (All members) 

Please complete your details below and submit for processing.

You will receive an email confirming the acceptance of your club membership, with bank details for payment of annual subs.

Please note that your club membership is subject to approval by the Outriders Social Dirtbike Club committee.
Outriders Social Dirt Bike Club reserves the right to decline a club membership, or revoke a club membership at anytime, without explanation.

I, do on my own, on behalf of my dependents or minor children hereby acknowledge and agree to the following:


I agree that neither Outriders Social Dirtbike Club, nor the promoters, organisers, or sponsors of any event, or the owners of the property on which an event is held, and/or their respective officials, agents, servants or representatives shall be liable under any circumstances for any damage or for any personal injury – fatal or otherwise – or loss of whatever kind sustained by myself or any person whatsoever, while riding or while being present at any event, by whatever means such damage, injury or loss may be caused, and even though the same may have been contributed to or caused by the willful act, neglect or default of any official, agent, servant or representative of Outriders Social Dirtbike Club, or any promoters, organisers, or sponsor s of the event, or owners of the property on which the event is held.

I hereby indemnity Outriders Social Dirtbike Club, the promoters, organisers, and sponsors of the event, and the owners of any property on which the event is held, and their respective officials, agents, servants and representatives against any legal liability for any damage or injury so done or sustained as aforesaid by myself or any other such persons as aforesaid.

I further admit and declare that I am fully aware of and appreciate the ambit and extent of the risks, dangers and perils attendant upon being present at or participating in any form of motorsport activity. I hereby voluntarily assume and consent to such risk and the risk of damages arising there from or injury or loss being sustained by myself or any other person as a result thereof.

I further agree that this assumption of and consent to risk shall operate against my dependants and/or heirs, executors and administrators.


In my capacity as Parent/Guardian/Curator of the participant hereby consent to the participation of my child/ward in the activities referred to in this Declaration, Undertaking, Waiver and Indemnity. I agree that this endorsement of consent by me is an indivisible and integral part of this Declaration, Undertaking, Waiver and Indemnity which I have also acknowledge and agree to. I fully understand and appreciate the contents thereof and I have satisfied myself that the contents are, in like manner, so understood by my child/ward. I hereby assist my child/ward in contracting with Outriders Social Dirtbike Club as envisaged herein, both of us being aware that this Declaration, Undertaking, Waiver and Indemnity is to his/her detriment. I furthermore bind myself jointly and severally, in solidum, as surety and co-principal debtor with my child/ward in favour of Outriders Social Dirtbike Club for the due performance of any obligation arising out of this Declaration, Undertaking, Waiver and Indemnity.